Psychosexual Therapy

Issues brought to Psychosexual therapy include the exploration of general and specific sexual problems, including the impact of past experiences on the present situation. Psychosexual therapy differs from regular therapy in that it is usually spaced out every two weeks to allow time to engage with assignments set. The therapy is directive, in that we will work together to determine goals to try and reach by the next session in order to give a clear sense of progression and achievement. The sessions last an hour and a course of therapy is usually around 10 weeks, but this can be longer or shorter depending on the client and the presenting issue. Sex therapy is not just about treating the issue, but it is also about helping the client, or couple, to develop a sexual style which is satisfying personally and for both partners. We will work together throughout the sessions on getting to the heart of the problem and using various tools and techniques (which will be explained in the sessions) to set about resolving the issue.

It can be difficult to talk about a very personal and private issue that may have been having a devastating impact for some time, there is often shame and embarrassment talking about sex. I will do my best to reassure you and encourage you to talk it through as there can be a great relief in naming what is happening. The session is an opportunity to ask any questions that may have been difficult to ask in the past in the safe knowledge that whatever you share will be met with encouragement and understanding. I worked at a sexual health clinic in the NHs for over a year seeing clients with an incredibly wide variety of issues, I have a wealth of experience dealing with these issues and will support you to share yours’ so we can work towards a resolution. The various issues I deal with are listed below but it is not an exhaustive list.

Psychosexual therapy can be very helpful for couples struggling to find a balance between a low desire partner and a high desire partner, or re-igniting the initial excitement which may have developed into a low flame or extinguished entirely. It is an opportunity to discover your relationship to your own desire and how you can learn to share that with your partner. I have been trained in Betty Martin’s ‘wheel of Consent’ which is a very helpful tool in understanding how to give and receive touch and learning how to ask for what you want.


Impaired or inhibited sexual arousal / Vaginismus – (involuntary contraction of muscles around the opening of the vagina making penetration painful or impossible) / Dyspareunia – Difficult or painful sex / Orgasmic disorder – difficulty or inability to achieve orgasm / Vestibulitis – localised burning or cutting pain / Sexual Phobia / Sexual addiction / Cancer and the effects thereof / Multiple Sclerosis / Parkinson’s Disease / Depression / Peri and Post-menopausal issues / Pregnancy and birth trauma / Alcohol and recreational drug use in excess / Survivors of abuse / Spinal cord injuries / Female genital mutilation / Communication difficulties


Impaired or inhibited sexual arousal / Erectile dysfunction / Rapid ejaculation / Retarded ejaculation / Peyronies disease / Orgasmic disorder/ Dypareunia – painful or difficult sex  Priapism – persistent and painful erection of the penis / Penis size issues / Performance anxiety / Sexual phobia / Sexual addiction / Cancer and the effects  / STI’s / Multiple Sclerosis / Parkinsons disease / Depression / Alcohol and recreational drug use in excess / Survivors of abuse / Relationship difficulties / Spinal cord injuries / Communication difficulties